A Brief John Glossner Genealogy


This page traces the genealogy of John Glossner as far back as I know.


German Decedents

It seems it started when 3 brothers came from Schwalbach (note that this is not Bad Schwalbach), Wetzlar, Germany to United States.

The 3 brothers were Christian Gla▀ner, Friedrich Gla▀ner, and Jacob Gla▀ner. I am a decendent of Friedrich Gla▀ner.


Last Name

Is it Gla▀ner, Glo▀ner, Gl÷▀ner, or something else?

In the US, there are many people named Glassner but few named Glossner. As far as I know (and I thank David Glossner for most of what I've discovered), it appears that Gla▀ner is correct. This is significant because it seems most Gla▀ner's are from Prussia while most Glo▀ner's are from Bavaria (see www.glossner.de). At one time I thought the Kentucky Glossners were relatives but it seems they may be more Bavarian and related to the NŘrnburg Glossner Brewery. There was also a Cincinnati Glossner Brewery.



Schwalbach is in Wetzler.


My Direct Family Tree



If you are interested in a gedcom of my research, please email me: john@glossner.org